2House Management Services

2House Management Services

2House was initially started by 2 friends. They worked from 2002 until 2007 together in a very creative tandem. Services included IT Program Management, Website analyses and consultancy, Sales Analyses, Startup support. In 2007 2House continued into a VOF (Partnership) with family members and other partners. 

Many successful assignments were completed such as program management for companies such as KPN, Croon Wolter en Dross, Liberty Global, Woningbouw Vereniging (Social housing) as well as sales consultancy in the building industry (Kitchen manufacturing, CNC production) as well as IT companies such as Forgerock, NEC and most recently IMMCO Inc.

Next to these more long term assignments there were interim activities in the Field of Business Economics, Sales and Marketing, IT and Video Editing.

More recently a new partner has started with 2House. Her expertise is in the graphical area and she provides fully edited scanned material from our customers. Scan-house.nl is the website where you can read more on that particular activity. Another activity is marworks.online where people can order paintings, postcards and other. 

2House keeps developing new services in the field of Interim Services, Software build (Asbestvraag and Warehouse management), Production of Paintings, cards, Digitally Edited Graphical Material, Sales and Marketing support.

For more information please mail at info@2house.nl, or call +31611785764.

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